LSP - The Liskov Substitution Principle in 5 minutes

So for the 3rd installment in my mini-series on the SOLID principles we have the Liskov Substitution Principle or LSP. In under 5 minutes we briskly talk about Barbara Liskov and her assertion that:

if S is a subtype of T, then objects of type T may be replaced with objects of type S

What does that mean? well watch the video ;)


NancyFx Screencast Video Tutorial

To acommopany the written NancyFx tutorial, I thought I'd put my christmas present (a microphone) to good use by recording a screencast tutorial. So here we are with a 30 minute quickstart introduction to NancyFx. Source code is on Github. I've also now written a quick tutorial on NancyFx testing if you're curious how easy it is to test Nancy.


NancyFx Video Summary

This video roughly follows the same steps as the written tutorial.

  1. Creating a CarModule that inherits from NancyModule
  2. Dynamic Dictionary for parameter binding
  3. Model Binding this.Bind<BrowseCarQuery>()
  4. Error handing with the NancyBootsrapper Error pipeline
  5. IOC with StructureMap and the NancyBootstrapper
  6. Using a simple CarRepository to prove IOC works.





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